Preps in the library

If you’ve got a few minutes spare at school pick-up time, pop into the library to see the Prep work on display.

Thank you to Ruth Woolven for this week’s post –

Each week in Library lessons we read a picture story book together. Sometimes we follow up with an activity. Continue reading

A Swimmingly Wonderful Junior School Excursion

Thank you to Sophie Apperly for this week’s post about the Junior School excursion to the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.

As part of the Junior School’s Geography Inquiry Unit – “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” the Year 1 and Year 2 students ventured into the city for lunch by the Yarra at Batman Park and then to the ‘Save our Seas’ program at the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. Continue reading

It’s on again! KidsFest 2016

The countdown is on to our second annual KPS KidsFest! This week, Mr Penson provides all the answers to your burning KidsFest questions so that you’ll be well and truly ready to maximise your fun on the big day!

kids-fest-2WHAT IS KIDSFEST?

KidsFest is a special mini fair fundraising event with a focus on our kids! Essentially it is a fun afternoon that is run by our students and for our students. All monies raised will be directed towards projects and equipment that the students decide on. So if you have any ideas please let me know. Continue reading

Fostering secure attachment in children

One of the greatest worries for parents whose child is beginning school is the separation – will their child be crying at the classroom door or clutching their legs in a desperate attempt to have them stay? Or will they be tearing through the gate without a backward glance? This week, Penny Gibson, who is a child and family therapeutic specialist with Capacity Consulting and Coaching, and also part of the KPS community, provides some insight into how to promote healthy ‘attachment’ in primary-school-aged children

circle-of-securityAttachment is the affectional bond between a child and their caregiver and it cultivates from birth, when a baby uses signals to activate their caregiver to care tor them and meet their needs. Being attached to others is a matter of safety and certainty in a world full of perceived threats and dangers. Continue reading

What’s on for the holidays?

I used to take the ‘relaxed’ approach to school holidays – the ‘let’s see where the day takes us’ attitude. And then I discovered that makes for two very long, drawn-out weeks. Now I plan, and the challenge is to find activities that suit everyone and don’t kill the budget.

This September holidays, I’ll be challenging Alex St. Claire’s kids to say “I’m bored!” because she has put together a huge list of all sorts of holiday activities (including lots of freebies) and she’s sharing her ideas with us –

school-holiday-activities-1Every school holidays I love to check out all the events and activities Melbourne has to offer and plan lots of fabulous ways to spend the days. Although, the only planned activity that is guaranteed to be achieved is the obligatory Monday pajama day.

Still it’s good to make plans . . . Continue reading

PlanetSavers come to Kew Primary School

planetsavers-4As part of our $10,000 Energy Efficiency Grant for Victorian Schools, Mark Smith from PlanetSavers Australia came to Kew Primary School to complete an audit. This audit is the first step in identifying energy waste and it also provided a list of costed recommendations that could see our school reduce energy waste by over 25%.
Sounds like a good idea? Well even better was the way PlanetSavers engaged with student leaders to first assist with the audit itself and then develop strategies and processes for the school to act. Continue reading

School – Swiss style


As we return from Easter holidays back to our classrooms in Kew, one of our grade six students is having a very different school experience – in Switzerland! Owen has kindly shared with us a little about his life in Switzerland.

Hi my name is Owen and I left Kew Primary in July last year to spend a year at school in Switzerland. I came here with my mum and dad and my older brother Sam. The school I am at is up in the Swiss Alps and is very small. Continue reading

Show-and-tell (all)


Anyone who knows me, will be aware that I love a good chat. In fact, barely a year went by where my school report didn’t saying something along the lines of “Katrina would achieve more if she talked less and concentrated more”.*

Needless to say, show-and-tell was the highlight of my day – talking about whatever I wanted and a captive audience. Alas, I was one of those painful show-and-tell dominators – I should have taken the hint when my prep teacher put in a roster system (reducing my daily ‘share’ with the class to a weekly gig) and furthermore when a time-limit was imposed (apparently ten minutes demonstrating my Speak & Spell was nine minutes too many). Continue reading

Learning to read

Naturally, I want Penny (Grade 1) to become an excellent reader, writer and speller. However, right now, I’m savouring the brilliance of her phonetic approach. A few weeks ago, she lost a tooth at school. Her teacher, Melissa, accidentally* threw the tooth out – but you got that from Penny’s letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation, right?!

tooth-fairy-letterKids learn to read and write in different ways. Penny’s letter to the Tooth Fairy reminded me of this, and also of a question that was asked of Prep teachers at an information session I attended one year – “Do you teach reading using phonics or word recognition?”

It’s a great question and one that doesn’t necessarily have the same, or a simple answer, for every child. I asked lead teacher, Sally Marsh, to tell us a bit more about how kids learn to read.
Continue reading