Reading, coding and our favourite books in the Library

It’s been a big year for Library – thousands of books borrowed (with some clear favourites on high rotation); Book Week and the Premier’s Reading Challenge. But that’s not all that happened in the Library – Ruth Woolven reports.

This term we have celebrated our reading achievements across the school. All students completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and received a certificate.  Books are logged that students read at home, read in class and read in library. Sometimes the students complete the reading and logging themselves and sometimes the reading is shared and the books are logged by staff.  The end result is that all students have experienced many, many stories. In fact a total of 20807 books were read between March and September – this is a huge achievement. One benefit in participating in the challenge is that students are required to read a certain number of books from the challenge list – these books are recognised as being quality literature. Continue reading


Premiers’ Reading Challenge

kids-reading-stackWhen I was at primary school, the MS Readathon was a much-anticipated event. You’d lock unsuspecting neighbours and grandparents into sponsoring you twenty cents per book read. And then you’d go forth and read eleventy million books – all short and quick ones, meanwhile racking up the funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Our hearts were in the right place, but I’m fairly certain that the MS Readathon did more for my maths than it did for my reading! Continue reading