A SPECTACULAR end to term three

Thanks to Shelley Ware for this week’s post on Kew Primary’s part in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular.

VSSS-4It was so exciting for Kew PS students from year 5 and 6 to be involved in the 20th anniversary State Schools Spectacular. The theme, What’s Your Story?, paid tribute to the wonder of story telling and the power of the imagination. Continue reading

Oh, what a night! The Footsteps Dance Fiesta

I would say that having some moves down pat to Footloose is an important life skill. Clearly the folk at Footsteps agree because the dance routine to the eighties classic was sensational!

This week, Mr Penson reflects on last week’s Footsteps Dance Fiesta.

footsteps-4Have you stopped tapping your feet yet?

“I could have danced all night” as the song goes and that was definitely the case for many last Thursday night. The Footsteps Dance Fiesta was a great success. All of the students rose to the challenge and were absolute stars! Continue reading

Building the Positive Play project

When my kids were at kindergarten, the busiest corner of the kinder room was where the ‘construction’ took place – boxes, hundreds of metres of tape, bits of foam, milk bottle lids and string were the starting point of some marvelous creations. Take that same ‘the-sky’s-the-limit’ concept and scale it up. And then take it outside. That’s what KPS’s Positive Play project is all about.

The Grade Six team behind the Positive Play Project

The Grade Six team behind the Positive Play Project

Grade One teacher, Melissa Hayes, and a group of Grade Six students (Katherine, Lucy, Stella, Nathan, Daniel, Maya, Daichi, Genna and Ebony) have been investigating ways of making recess and lunchtime a little more ‘creative’. Their project is called Positive Play and is inspired by programs such as Play for Life, that focus on creating opportunities for rich, open-ended and self directed play in the playground. Continue reading