Roll up! Roll up!

Thank you to Maia from 3/4K for this week’s post –

When I first heard that Kew Primary School would be doing Little Devils Circus Skills, I was immediately excited and was chatting non-stop with my friend about how much fun it will be. Continue reading


Oh, what a night! The Footsteps Dance Fiesta

I would say that having some moves down pat to Footloose is an important life skill. Clearly the folk at Footsteps agree because the dance routine to the eighties classic was sensational!

This week, Mr Penson reflects on last week’s Footsteps Dance Fiesta.

footsteps-4Have you stopped tapping your feet yet?

“I could have danced all night” as the song goes and that was definitely the case for many last Thursday night. The Footsteps Dance Fiesta was a great success. All of the students rose to the challenge and were absolute stars! Continue reading