Special Places Mapping

Maths and geography combine! Thank you to the Year 1 students for this week’s post about their mapping project.

Have you ever found yourself lost at Sorrento or Falls Creek?

Have you ever wondered what would be the best way to get around Hays Paddock, Eglinton Park or even Venus Bay?

Well…the Year 1 students would certainly be able to help you and steer you in the right direction. Continue reading


Middle School Marvels

Thank you to Shenel Raif for this report on what 3/4S and 3/4J have been busy with over the last term.

Helpful or Harmful?

Students of Middle School have been asking themselves this past term a very big question, are we as humans helpful or harmful? Continue reading

The Magic of Maths – a parent perspective

This week we welcome Prep parent, Stefan Walter, to the blog.

Following the Parent Night with Michael Ymer in May, and Sophie’s recent blog about the magic of maths, Stefan and his wife were inspired to investigate more about mathematics, and in particular the potential barriers for some students and how they can be overcome. This is what they discovered –

http://www.boredpanda.com/lego-math-teaching-children-alycia-zimmerman/It appears that overcoming problems with maths has a lot to do with changing mindsets, not only for the child, but also for the parents, carers, and anyone else close to the child (something KPS teachers already know). Continue reading

The Magic of Maths

Maths magician, Michael Ymer, has spent lots of time at KPS, running sessions for teachers, parents and kids about strategies for learning maths. This week, Sophie Apperly shares the details of one of Michael’s classroom sessions –

Ymer Maths 1Michael Ymer brought humourous stories to our Maths, along with magic tricks and big words such as STATISTICIAN and PROFESSOR. Continue reading

Let’s celebrate 100 days of school!

There’s lots to learn in your first one hundred days at school! Prep teacher, Sophie Apperly, shares the 100 Days of Prep celebration.

prep-100-aOn Tuesday the 21st July, the Preps celebrated 100 days at Kew Primary School. The Preps enjoyed a number of activities throughout the day that centred around the number 100. Continue reading