Listen up

I’m not much of a ‘recreational listener’, unless it’s eighties pop. Talk-back radio drives me crazy and I’ve never been one for having the television on for ‘background noise’. Give me Culture Club or silence. That was until I discovered podcasts. Continue reading

I’m looking for something with a bit of yellow on it…

Guess what we did this past summer (apart from swimming, cricket and barbecues)?


jigsaws-22016/17 will be known as The Summer of the Jigsaw in our house and it’s likely that it will also be the Easter Holidays of the Jigsaw. And in case you’re wondering, it’s not because I declared a tech-detox or a ban on all devices and screens… Continue reading

Apps that are out there

Me, “I got a lacunosus while you were at school today.”
Edward (grade 5), “No!…. Really?…. Let me see the picture.”

cloudspotter-appDon’t know what we’re talking about? Clouds. Edward and I have turned cloud-spotting into a competitive sport, all with the aid of the marvelously addictive Cloudspotter app. Continue reading

What’s on for the holidays?

I used to take the ‘relaxed’ approach to school holidays – the ‘let’s see where the day takes us’ attitude. And then I discovered that makes for two very long, drawn-out weeks. Now I plan, and the challenge is to find activities that suit everyone and don’t kill the budget.

This September holidays, I’ll be challenging Alex St. Claire’s kids to say “I’m bored!” because she has put together a huge list of all sorts of holiday activities (including lots of freebies) and she’s sharing her ideas with us –

school-holiday-activities-1Every school holidays I love to check out all the events and activities Melbourne has to offer and plan lots of fabulous ways to spend the days. Although, the only planned activity that is guaranteed to be achieved is the obligatory Monday pajama day.

Still it’s good to make plans . . . Continue reading

School – Swiss style


As we return from Easter holidays back to our classrooms in Kew, one of our grade six students is having a very different school experience – in Switzerland! Owen has kindly shared with us a little about his life in Switzerland.

Hi my name is Owen and I left Kew Primary in July last year to spend a year at school in Switzerland. I came here with my mum and dad and my older brother Sam. The school I am at is up in the Swiss Alps and is very small. Continue reading

Checking in from the Northern Territory!

mh-4We’re just days away from the end of term and I’m well and truly in holiday mode (and looking forward to the prospect of warmer weather). Two KPS students, Max in grade 6 and Harry in grade 4, have had a head-start on the holidays and summer, travelling around Australia over the last few months. Max and Harry checked in and shared a bit about what they’ve been up to. Continue reading