KidsFest Fun

Thank you to Ally Papoulis for this week’s blog entry –

In week four KPS participated in KidsFest. The Preps did an amazing job at organising and helping to run two very successful stalls. PCC and PAS ran a paper aeroplane throwing competition, and PBE and PAP ran a lucky dip stall.
The children worked hard making wrapping paper and paper planes leading up to the day, and incorporated their knowledge of money to ensure that they made happy purchases on the day. Continue reading

It’s on again! KidsFest 2016

The countdown is on to our second annual KPS KidsFest! This week, Mr Penson provides all the answers to your burning KidsFest questions so that you’ll be well and truly ready to maximise your fun on the big day!

kids-fest-2WHAT IS KIDSFEST?

KidsFest is a special mini fair fundraising event with a focus on our kids! Essentially it is a fun afternoon that is run by our students and for our students. All monies raised will be directed towards projects and equipment that the students decide on. So if you have any ideas please let me know. Continue reading

It’s kick-off time for the new oval!

We’ve watched our oval take its new shape over the past few months. James Penson tells the story in full –

oval-5You may have noticed that across the other side of the globe, there has been much talk about who will win the race into the Oval Office. However much closer to home, there has been even more talk and excitement about our own oval! Continue reading

The highly anticipated ceramics units!

clay-5Art teacher Kerry Lomas shares the excitement of working with clay –

The success of SPLASH in 2014 has resulted in much excitement, anticipation and messy hands in the Art room this year thanks to the purchase of a new kiln. The countless hours volunteers spent organizing the SPLASH event has clearly paid off as the students are enjoying using clay for the first time in many years. For some students, it has been their first experience molding and constructing out of clay. It has been such a valuable learning experience and they eagerly await their next clay unit! Continue reading

90s Trivia Night – all the answers

trivia-night-1Were you like me, and fell asleep last Saturday night (*ahem* the wee hours of Sunday morning) wondering “What WAS the highest grossing film in the 90s….?”. And which tennis player was married to Jo Beth Taylor…? Actually, who even was Jo Beth Taylor…?”

It may have been the Livin’ la Vita Locum cocktails I enjoyed or the fact that I wasn’t paying attention in the nineties but I had lots of unanswered questions on Saturday night. Lots. So I got all the answers – and I’m sharing them so that you can stop asking yourself “Where was Milli Vanilli from? Continue reading

Scary but true: the nineties are now considered ‘retro’

nineties-17There was a time when I stood at my wardrobe choosing between a bodysuit and coloured jeans or a long floral dress with Doc Martens; when my Thursday night would be spent at Black Match or Silvers. A time when we all thought Kimberly was a complete nut-bag; when you were either Team Noel or Team Ben*. When Babe made me rethink my relationship with bacon. When people had Magic Eye artwork on their walls and everyone pretended they could see the picture**. When we couldn’t say “Isn’t it ironic?” without bursting into song***. When eleventy-million scrunchies weren’t enough. When pubs suddenly became ‘gastro-pubs’ and goats cheese was the height of sophistication.

You know the time I’m talking about. Yes, the glorious nineties. Continue reading

The thrill of the Scholastic Book Club

the-lettering-book-1I was halfway through grade five when I realised that my carefully rendered ‘bubble writing’ was no longer going to cut it on school projects. My best friend had turned up with a project poster titled ‘Living in the Future’ and all of her headings were written in a very natty ‘computer’ font. Actually, I didn’t know the word ‘font’ at the time but it didn’t stop me from being immediately envious. And curious – how did she do such fancy writing?

It turns out my friend’s fabulous fonts came from The Lettering Book by Noelene Morris and obviously, I felt life could not continue until I had my own copy. But there was a catch. The Lettering Book was only available through the once-a-term Scholastic Book Club – would my mum let me choose a book from the next catalogue? I started saving my pocket-money as a back-up. Continue reading

Mother’s Day all wrapped up


“Curl everything!” Maria cried, as I wrestled ribbon around a tricky-to-wrap miniature watering can (I became an expert ribbon-curler after helping wrap gifts for the annual KPS Mother’s Day stall).

This year, Alex St Claire took a behind-the-scenes peek at the Mother’s Day stall, in all its ribbon-curling, cellophane-wrapped glory and offers a few gift buying tips to families new to KPS –

Watching the children of Kew Primary School enter the Junior School Hall – wide eyed at the bright and beautiful array of Mother’s Day gifts – melts my heart every year.
The determination to find the perfect gift for their mum is written all over their face as they weigh up the cost of the gift, what mum would like and their own need for lip gloss or chocolates.

If you are yet to experience the joy of the Mother’s Day gift stall, here is what you need to know. Continue reading

Flower Power comes to KPS: Trivia Night kicks off!

Wow! I’m having a flashback! Bright orange floral prints, macramé headbands and peace signs everywhere. I was a little young for flower power, but my older sister was a teenager bang in the middle of it and this is all very familiar. The school gym has undergone a remarkable transformation since I left it full of kids at assembly on Friday. Psychedelic lighting, retro artwork, fabulous flowers and Shagaholic Cocktails lined up on the bar!

Twenty-six tables, 250 people, and enough big hair and round sunglasses to re-recreate Woodstock: welcome to the KPS Flower Power Trivia Night.

P1060544I’m rubbish at Trivia Nights: sport, movies, popular culture, haven’t got a clue, but I’m on a good table and I reckon we might be in with a chance for the top spot.

Round 1…Ugh!…Sport. Zero out of ten for me, but the guys on my table look like they know what they’re talking about.

Round 2…TV and Movies. Ditto, but Nikki McC next to me is frantically writing so I’m optimistic.

At the break everyone has the chance to bid on the silent auction and there are a number of highly-prized offerings: weekends away, dinners out, beauty treatments, books and chocolate.P1060561

My favourite without a doubt is the kids’ artwork. Bit McLean and Carla Temple have done a fantastic job of putting together each kid’s individual painting on a broad class canvas. They look great and the bidding is fierce.P1060559P1060549

I have a moment of existential angst: the kids would be so chuffed if I came with these, but I’m not sure about buying all three and if I go home with just one…that’s not going to work. I see another mum next to me clearly grappling with the same issue; she’s got bids on two and is hovering close to make sure she’s not gazumped.P1060584

Back to business at the tables and Round 3 is…Geography. Phew! Thank God for that. DFIU we’re advised from over the table (and I’ll leave you to work that one out) and Emma R and I DFIU and manage to redeem ourselves with a swag of correct answers.

Round 4: Music. A good team effort on this one and an especially confident contribution from some of our more mature members. I think we’re doing okay, but before they announce the scores, it’s time to award the prize for Best Dressed Female and Male. Check them out :P1060606


Karen and Tony Brown win and Matt Mullins gets a special mention.

More bidding on the silent auction – some of the art works are at $200/300+ – then it’s back to the tables for the big announcement.P1060550

Our table is…second last (out of 26) which is not quite as good as I’d hoped and I’m really not sure there’s enough time left  for us to make a dash to the finish. Oh well, pour us another glass of bubbly instead…

The prize for the Best Decorated Table is awarded to the clear and well-deserved winner, Burn the bra! P1060567P1060591

Personally, I thought the corner table up the back with glow sticks and lanterns was a fantastic effort too. (Not sure if that was Yeah Baby!, Psychedelic Shagaholics, RESPECT, or High Kew IQs!)P1060562

Round 7 is Medical Science and while we pull out all the stops on this one (thanks Libby), we’re outclassed by the table of doctors next to us. Last round is School Questions and I’m embarrassed to say we do really well on this; our best effort so far. I think, maybe, we need to get out more.

Our table finishes very close to the bottom. The teachers’ table, To Sir with Love (was there ever a movie more beloved by teachers?) comes in at a very respectable third and… The Winner is…the aptly named, Woodstock Heroes!

Class 220 win the Cones prize (vast quantities of ice-cream) for the most parents present on the night (33).

After the formalities are over it’s drinking and dancing and kicking on until a visit from the friendly neighbourhood boys in blue around 1.00 am who ask us – as they would a bunch of rowdy teenagers – to turn the music down!  Oops!P1060621

The night was stupendously well organised and a huge amount of fun was had by all who attended. It was great to see the organisers’ enormous efforts rewarded by so many families turning up on the night to show support for the school. These evenings are primarily about raising money, but they are enormously important for the engagement, confidence and morale of the school community as well.

Congratulation to Claire Tanner and her huge team of helpers. Great job. Great fun. Great night. Well done!

And the big news… as we go to press money is still being counted, but it looks like the target of $20,000 was reached.

Jacqui Tomlins