Welcome to the Kew Primary School Blog.

Have you ever asked your son or daughter about their day at school?

‘Oh yeah! It was awesome Mum/Dad. We did this, and then we did that, and then we did the other…’

No. Mine neither.

So, in the absence of any useful information provided by the kids, KPS has developed a blog to help you feel more informed about, connected to and engaged with your school.

You’re more than welcome to comment on anything you read on the blog and, if you like something, it’d be great if you shared it, told other people.

If you’d like to write for the blog, or if you’ve got an idea you’d like someone else to write about, let us know. The more people who contribute, the better the blog.

To be honest, I’ve stopped asking my kids about their day. I find ‘Would you like something to eat, Sweetheart?’ generally works better.

Jacqui Tomlins

(Parent of three)