Year Six visits ONC (Our Nation’s Capital)

Before their primary school years draw to a close, the Year Six students participate in a bunch of exciting activities, one of which is the Canberra camp. Thank you to Year Six students for sharing the highlights of their trip.

The overall experience of Canberra packed in more things than I would learn in something like two months into three short days. The structure and excitement of it was nothing short of amazing with 4+ activities a day but the thing that impacted me the most was the War Memorial. Being someone who as far as I’m concerned isn’t related to any people involved with the war it still really affected me and the whole thing was a great learning experience. Sam 6SH

Many things on Canberra camp really had a strong and vibrant impact on how I think and show my emotions. One activity that made me think was the War Memorial as I had never seen war as terrible as I see it now. All of the stories on the boards and the mini movies showed me that war isn’t just a three year scout camp with training, it’s a scary and anxious place as you never know when something terrible is about to happen. I was on the verge of crying as there is no possible way I can give to the people who might or might not of lost their lives for us and did a great job of defending countries of not just our own. I respect those who fought for us back then and to this day. Lest We Forget.
Theo C 6SH

On camp, my favourite place we went to was the War Memorial. One thing that I found interesting was a tunnel that had a screen on the end and was made to look like a plane. I liked this because the ‘plane’ vibrated and with the screen it felt realistic and gave me a better understanding of what it would have been like to be a bomber in World War Two. Another thing I saw was a plate that had the number of soldiers that died in the war. Over 2,000 people died from Australia and over 49,000 from Britain. One lucky country had lost only 49 people and it made me recognise the scale of war and how lucky we are.
Amy 6CA

My highlight of Canberra was the Lookout on Mount Ainslie because the lookout wasn’t to high up from the ground but it also wasn’t too low from the ground giving us the perfect view of Canberra. We could see the national Christmas tree (it’s a Christmas tree because the war memorial is going straight into Parliament House) and we could see the entirety of Canberra whilst not being worried about being blown off by a gust of intense wind, unlike Telstra Tower. The Lookout was massive so everyone who was on it could have a metres worth of personal space and we could also wander around so we weren’t stuck looking at the same thing for the entire visit and we could get different views of Canberra. There were info boards on various parts of the lookout meaning we could know more about what we were looking at and be fully informed about the landmarks.
Seb 6AB

One of my favourite parts about camp was going to Questacon and looking at different changes in life. I saw how technology has evolved and how to build a strong house in an earthquake. Another place I enjoyed was The Mint as you could see how coins are made. At the Mint they had a robot called Titan and he would lift heavy barrels of coins. Robot Penny would transport cargo and Bobby would vacuum seal money bags. The final activity I enjoy was the National War Memorial. I got to see the internal flame and the wall of Poppy’s. I looked at real cannons and guns that were used in the war.
Cooper 6AB

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