Book Week 2019

Hooray! It’s Book Week. Although I think every week is a ‘book week’ (without the costumes), I do love this special celebration. If you need some ideas for the parade (because there’s still plenty of time!), check out previous Book Week posts.

Thanks to our tremendous librarian Ruth for this week’s post.

Welcome to Book Week 2019. The theme this year is Reading is my Secret Power.
Why is it a secret power? Reading is at the heart of all education, knowledge of almost every subject in school flows from reading. It is the power we all need.

If reading is an enjoyable activity we will keep doing it. So times like Book Week that really highlight the joy of reading and quality literature are designed to make reading more enjoyable.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia awards prizes for the best Australian books for children from the past year. We have read many of the short listed books this term in Library lessons looking for their winning potential and enjoying the stories they tell. Each year the stories are more diverse and reflect the community in which we live.

The awards ceremony for this year was held last Friday in Melbourne and two of our Year 4 students, Nina and Noah awarded the prize for Picture Book of the Year to Cicada by Shaun Tan. They did an amazing job in front of a substantial audience at Deakin Edge. Check out all the winners here.

Ruth: What did you enjoy about the experience?

Noah: I loved being interviewed by Tony Wilson the author of Harry Highpants, a book we have used for inquiry. At first I was nervous but when I arrived the nerves went away.

Nina: I liked seeing all the authors. I enjoyed speaking in front of the audience and being interviewed. It was great having our parents there too.

I hope everybody enjoys the fun of Book Week.

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