Our Excursion to the City

Thank you to Year 3 student, Ted, for his report on the middle school excursion to the city.

On the ninth of May we went on an excursion to the city to look at the impenetrable structures the city has come to show. What are they and some information you ask? I’ll tell you!

The King’s Way Bridge was so low that it is almost impossible to go under at high tide. It was obvious it was very strong because it’s made of reinforced steel.

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is very strong because its ginormous roof is held up by metal cables. But that wasn’t strong enough so they twisted the metal cables to reinforce it.

The Eureka Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Australia. Did you know that it is the second tallest reconnaissance building in the world? Most of it is transparent.

On our excursion we saw these buildings. They were the highlights of our visit. We also saw the busy life of the city. Boats, cars, planes, trams and even a train! That’s fascinating don’t you think?

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