Our world relies on water

Thank you to the Junior School team for this week’s post –

Year 1 and 2 students have been working hard over the past few weeks exploring water in our world. Under the trans-disciplinary theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’ students have delved into the central idea of ‘Our world relies on water’.

Throughout this unit we have looked closely at the water cycle, investigated ways to sustain and preserve water and used question stems to extend our understanding.

We were visited by Will, an expert from Yarra Valley Water who engaged us in a fantastic big book all about the water cycle.

Students used our assessment rubric to track their progress and work towards all becoming water experts.

Sharing the Planet – ‘Our world relies on water’

Expert I can identify and explain the components of the water cycle I can demonstrate and clearly communicate my role in sustaining water I can pose challenging open ended questions that leads to further knowledge
Competent I can demonstrate my knowledge of manmade and natural sources of water and identify components of the water cycle I can understand the uses of water and classify them into sustainable and unsustainable I can pose questions to build on my prior knowledge and leads to further research
Novice I can identify manmade sources of water and some natural I understand I have a responsibility in sustaining water I can pose questions to find out simple facts
Lines of Inquiry #1

Where does water come from?


What is my responsibility?


What questions can I ask to help me learn?

Knowledge was demonstrated in lots of different ways across the Junior School and I think we can all say now that water makes our world go around!

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