He’s doing the worm!

Thank you to the Prep Team for this week’s post.

On Monday 6th May, the Preps had an incursion from CERES. We learnt all about worms and ‘mini beasts’. Alice, from CERES, brought in a bunch of exciting resources including millipedes, slaters, worms, insect hotels, a toy worm called ‘Wormie’ and magnifying glasses. The preps inquired into cycles, composting, bugs in our school environment and how to attract more bugs to our school.

Here’s what they had to say about the experience –

“He’s doing the worm!” Lottie

“We were finding small creatures. We saw one in a dark place, under the bushes. We found one that was quite big and one that was little. The little one had lots of legs. He had to protect himself by rolling up like a little twirly thingy.” Max

“How do you tell where the head is?”
“Now I know we look for the saddle! It shows you were the head is” Charlie

“I could balance the worm on my finger! They make our compost into food. There’s a cycle – First we eat the food, then it goes in the compost, then the worms eat it and it goes around and around and around.” Emily

“We were looking for bugs, but we didn’t find any! Next time I would look in the soft soil.” Hamish

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