Let’s spend a week in the Library

Libraries are evolving spaces – yes, they are home to books but they are also places for learning in all sorts of ways; they provide a sanctuary when we need some ‘quiet time’; and they are meeting spot for various other activities. I happened to listen to a fantastic podcast this week, Palaces for the People, which described libraries as ‘social infrastructure’, and stresses the importance of them in our lives. If you have time, the podcast is certainly worth a listen but if not, know that the KPS Library is doing all the things that we need from good ‘social infrastructure’. Our librarian, Ruth, gives us a snapshot of a week in the Library –

Each class has one session in the library each week. In this time the students listen to a picture story book, return and borrow books and then settle down to sustained silent reading.

During lunchtimes the library is a busy place. On any day there might be a craft activity, building, chess and of course reading.

This week the Middle School library session was used to kick off the new inquiry unit. The challenge was to build a free standing structure using a range of materials.

On Thursdays, classes come to the Library to participate in coding lessons provided by ScopeIT. This term it has been Years 5 & 6.

During lunch on Friday, the chess club meets in the Library and on Friday afternoons, the Literacy Action team meets there. This week the Literacy Action team went on an excursion to the book shop to select books for the Senior School class libraries. When we returned the students labelled the books for the class library.

The Library also hosts after-school activities with Mandarin classes on Monday and Tuesday.

This week the Premiers’ Reading Challenge started. This program is designed to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students and enable them to experience quality literature. It’s a challenge, not a competition, for each student to read, to read more and to read more widely – the KPS Library is a good place to visit if students are looking for a book to kick-off their challenge.

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