The first five weeks

Thank you to the Prep team for this week’s post.

The year is off and racing and despite a few early teething issues, we are pleased to see that our preps have settled into school life quite seamlessly.

Learning to pack and unpack their school bag, where to line up at the end of recess and lunch, stacking the chairs at the end of the day are some of the everyday aspects of school the preps are busy implementing.

Learning the letter sounds, identifying some of the basic high frequency words in text and the phonemes letters make in words are some of the basic strategies they are learning about in class.

So what do the prep students think about their first year of school so far? Well, who better to ask than the students themselves.

”I feel happy about drawing letters and pictures. I do like doing numbers. I enjoy sport.” Alex

I think it’s fun because we get to do moon sand at OSCH. I think it’s fun at Performing Arts because we get to do dancing and marching.

It’s really good after lunch we get to play a little bit more. I like P.E because we get to step on these colourful pebbles so we don’t fall in the lava.

I think I know all the people in my class and they are my friends. I know so many new letters, I don’t even know how many we’ve learnt.

I love school, I play bey blade outside with my friends. I like learning about reading. I learnt the sound that ‘t’ and ‘h’ make together like ‘the.’

I love the playground that I play on at recess and spending my time with my buddy.

I like learning the letters, listening to my teacher and sometimes playing with my brother. Felicity

We are excited to be part of their first year of school with many fun and rewarding learning opportunities ahead.

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