The much-anticipated Billy Cart project

Hey there! You are about to get all the inside information on Year Six’s Billy Cart program from two of the most awesome pupils in Chris’s class!

Every year the Year 6s gets to participate in an exclusive program where we design, build and ride our very own Billy Carts in groups of 5-7 people. We started Billy Carts earlier this year than we usually do and it has been awesome fun so far!

There are 5 roles within the Billy Cart team, but we have so many Year 6s that some of the roles had to double up. The first role is team leader who makes sure that everybody is doing their job well and runs reflections alongside organising our thinking. One of the most popular roles is the aesthetics director who is in charge of the design, colour scheme and logo of the Billy Cart. Technology Director is a creative role where they create an interactive website for their team and take photos of all the important moments alongside film the reflection whilst the team speaks. The last two roles are Head Mechanic and Mechanic. The students within this role are in charge of building the Billy Cart and making sure that it is safe to ride.

Everybody is so excited for the race day which is in a few weeks’ time and the teams that will be racing all will be wearing their colours proud with their varied names. Some of the teams have gone for a food approach like Sweaty Souvlakis, Sunburnt Corncakes, Flaming Hot Burritos and Sizzling Sausages! Whereas others decided to name their carts after animals such as Fiesta Flamingos, Galaxy Snails, Highly Flammable Chickens and Space Tigers. There are also many more teams. We are having so much fun and working very hard every day.

Thank you for reading our blog and we cannot wait to see you all on the big race day!

Written by Anja & Jassi from 6CA

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