What we’ve done and what’s ahead

Thank you to the Junior School for this week’s post.

The Year One and Two students are switched on and ready to learn. They have been inquiring into: ‘How to collect and sort data’, ‘What makes a good learner’ and how to improve their writing. Below are the responses students in Year One gave to the questions, ‘What have you learnt so far this year?’ and ‘What are you looking forward to?’

I have really enjoyed doing the data in Maths. I liked finding out what the people liked.
I am looking forward to swimming because I like it.
Oliver- 1SA

I have really enjoyed collecting data. I liked doing the pie graph because it was hard but I did my best. I am looking forward to reading groups because I like reading.
Freya- 1SA

I really liked learning about other people’s birthdays and I got to figure out what seasons match with the months. I also liked being the weather reporter.
Alex. H. – 1CC

I am new to KPS and I love that all my friends are kind.
Charli- 1CC

I have enjoyed Weekend Writing because I am adding interesting words.
I am looking forward to swimming at school
Emma- 1KB

I have enjoyed playing maths games.
I am looking forward to learning about sea animals and lots of other things
Rabphel – 1KB

I have enjoyed learning about everything!
I am looking forward to learning from different teachers this year.
Yasmin- 1LE

I have enjoyed playing tennis in P.E
I am looking forward to the Lap-a-thon this year.

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