Kindness Starts With Me

Thank you to Prep teacher, Laura Ellenby, for this weeks post –

This term we have been looking at ways we can contribute positively to our community. By paying kindness forward to others, we can help the world be a happier place.

We have decided to start our positive journey by helping the new Preps who are entering into our community this term. As a group, we have thought of different ways we can make them feel welcome as they become part of Kew Primary School.

Information Video

Having the right information is very important when you start at a new school. We have decided to create an educational video that shows the new preps around the school. This will include important places and people within our community.

Our Playground

The playground is a very important place during the school day. We want the new Preps to feel happy when they play outside. We have decided to make the Junior School area more colourful, welcoming and inviting. We plan to paint some of the posts and bridges bright colours, as well as plant some new plants.

Comforting Toys

We all know that leaving parents and carers on the first day of school can be a scary thing. You can feel worried and sad. We have decided to make some toys that can help the Preps feel better when they are worried or scared.

Our Junior School Hall

Our Junior School Hall is a great space for our learning. We have realised need to make some improvements to help the new Preps feel welcome. By putting up welcome signs and setting up different activities we will help them feel a part of our community and feel safe and happy.

All these fantastic ideas have come from our thinking and learning about our community. Look out for these changes within our school and make sure to say hi and welcome the new Preps when you see them!

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