The Circle of Life

Thank you to Katie Braemar for this week’s contribution from the Junior School.

What animal is that? How can we tell?
How do living things interact with each other?
What do living things need to survive?

The Junior School has been inquiring into the weird and wonderful world of living things this term. They are discovering the features that define different creatures and how life cycles differ between different groups of animals.

Last Monday the Year Ones watched eggs hatch, predicting what type of creature could emerge from an egg. They also become scientists, conducting an experiment with hairy heads and learning about the life cycle of a plant. 2DM discovered what happens when routines change and the daily cycle is interrupted.

They are also building on their knowledge of how animals interact with other animals and plants, learning about pilot fish, how plants are used for food and shelter and how animals work together to gather food.

Watching a snake hatch from an egg and learning about its life cycle.

Animals working together- Pilot fish looking after sharks and birds removing parasites from the hippo’s back.

The scientists in Year One conducted an experiment with hairy heads. The results were interesting. 1SL had the right combination of water and sun and their hairy heads grew very well. 1KB and 1SL discovered that more water was needed to help their heads grow.

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