Time for pedal power!

I have a friend who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. It might not seem like a big deal – when you’ve reached 50-years-old and got by without riding, you could safely assume that you’ll manage to bypass bike-riding events for the next few decades. However, as my friend occasionally says, learning to ride represents more – it’s a childhood rite-of-passage, it’s about conquering fear, it’s feeling the wind in your hair.

I’ve encouraged my friend to learn to ride as an adult – perhaps some secret lessons at Macleay Park while the kids are at school?!. She cites the prospect of wobbling along, falling off, feeling out of control, and awkward dismounts as a middle-age-broken-bone-waiting-to-happen but I reckon that given she talks about, she’s psyching herself up – after all, we never stop learning.

The Kew Primary bike education program caters for riders of all skill levels – some kids learn to ride over the five-week program, while others fine-tune their skills. Diamanto Pantazis tells us more about the program.

At the end of Term 3, two police women from Boroondara Police Station paid a visit to Middle School. They spoke about bike safety and road safety.

Here is what Middle School learnt:
“We need to make sure our helmets are safe and have no cracks” Bailey
“Always stay on the bike path. Look both ways when crossing a road” Aliyah
“When you ride a bike try to wear bright clothes” Katali
“Make sure you have bike lights” Seb
“If you are riding in a group stick together” Andrew

In Term 4, the Bike Education Program will run every Friday for 5 weeks in the school grounds.

  • Students learn to ride safely.
  • Students learn how to ride a safe bike.
  • Students learn the importance of wearing the right gear.
  • Students learn how to cycle safely on paths.

The Celebration Bike Ride will be held on Friday 23 November. Teachers and parent helpers will ride with the students to Hay’s Paddock.

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