Because we C.A.R.E

Thank you to Laura Ellenby, PYP Inquiry Leader and Prep Classroom Teacher, for this week’s reflections on the C.A.R.E program –

Our C.A.R.E values guide our actions, our words and our thinking. They lead us to be the best people we can be. Each term we have a C.A.R.E day which focuses on one of these values. We engage in learning experiences in mixed groups throughout the school. These are valuable learning opportunities which push us beyond our comfort zone, helping us to reflect upon ourselves as people.

Below are some Kew PS student’s thoughts and feelings from our Term 3 C.A.R.E day, focusing on Resilience.

I learnt that the more you try the better you are – Simon
I learnt that if you make mistakes, they don’t always turn out the way you want them to. They can become even better – Harriet
learnt that people in real life have to show resilience – Nia
I learnt that resilience is finding the positive in every possibility – Lucy S

At first I didn’t know these people were real life but now I know they have shown resilience – Frankie (referring to the activity above)
I learnt that resilience can be connected to creativity. Your mistakes can turn into something beautiful! – Lucy M

It was a fantastic day and we look forward to our last C.A.R.E Day for the year in Term 4!

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