Making models

Thank you to the Junior School Team for this week’s post.

This term the Junior School had the opportunity to take part in a technology inquiry incursion run by Mini BOSS. During the 3-hour session students worked in groups to design and construct a model that served a purpose.

They began by working in groups to create a machine with their bodies and children from other teams needed to guess what machine they had created.

The activities throughout the day focused on different machines using everyday craft objects. Students had a restricted number of materials and timeframe in which they needed to design and create their machine.

Students were required to reflect on their teamwork skills and display these throughout the session.

Comments from Junior School students:

Lucas (2NO): “It was really fun because you got to build things and it was a challenge.”

Harriet (2NO): “It was good fun because you got to make things and they taught you how to make things. It was a huge challenge but we got there in the end.”

Clarisse (1SL): “I got make new things that I have never made before!”

Lucy (1SL): “I enjoyed using my teamwork skills and having great people to work with!”

Avah (2DM): “I liked making the things with my group but it was also quite hard.”

Angus (2DM): “We tried to make a catapult with the cup and elastic bands.”


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