Senior School Update

Dear Kewmunity!

Hello from Kiana and Issy from Year 6! We’re going to tell you about some extracurricular events that we have participated in at school.

Melbourne Writer’s Festival

The Senior School teachers nominated students to go to an event which was all about writing: The Melbourne Writer’s Festival! There, we listened to three authors who told us how they find ideas to write about and their experiences on being an author. We also did some fun activities.

The first speaker we listened to was Lance Balchin. He explained to us how he used household items and the application Photoshop to create his amazing pictures. We did an activity and used the same techniques that he uses (layering, photos etc.) to make creative pictures, but instead of using Photoshop, we used paper and he was really impressed!

The second author who spoke to us was Matt Stanton. He showed us how a proper book launch should be held. We then created the basic things that should be in a story (characters, settings etc.) and in the end, the whole audience (which was a few schools!) made two characters, a setting and the simple idea of our very own collective story.

The last workshop we attended was held by Shaun Tan, who read us one of his most recent books called Cicada. He mentioned that the book made emotional connections to real life and that he made the main character into a clay model that he displays in his workspace.

It was simply amazing to have had the opportunity to learn so many things from so many different authors! A big thanks to Natalie and Ruth who accompanied us on this excursion. Without them this event wouldn’t have happened the same way it did or perhaps at all. Altogether it was a fun experience that we all enjoyed!

By Isabelle

Bulla Hoop Time

Hoop Time is where kids all over Victoria play proper basketball games with qualified referees against other schools. The other schools are from our district. This year Hoop Time took place at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). This is an event everyone looks forward to and was so much fun for everyone that was involved. All of the kids who attended had the chance to play the games and were included in heaps of action and even learnt new skills in basketball! It was great to see our teams being made up of a mixture of Grade 5s and 6s. Everyone worked so well together and teamwork was the real success story of the day! The Girls All Star Team made it to Regional Hoop Time Finals and the Boys All Star team made it to SSV Division Finals! We hope that they can show our Kew spirit in the wider divisions at the next level. It was great to see how enthusiastic everyone was about their school playing basketball matches and most importantly, all having fun!

We appreciate the parents and teachers who helped us out because if it wasn’t for them, Hoop Time probably wouldn’t have happened.

By Kiana

Thank you for reading about a little of what we have been doing in Grade 6 and up in Senior School! Until next time, Kewmunity!

Chris Athanasiadis.

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