Book Week Parade (advance warning!)

*to be read in the voice of a Junior School student*

Dear Mum and Dad,

You know the Book Week Parade* is coming up, right? Well, I really have to get my costume sorted out.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for weeks. Did you know that there are loads of great costume ideas on Pinterest? I’ve made a shortlist of thirty and I’ll probably have narrowed it down to ten by next week. I can hear you saying that there’s not much time to make an elaborate costume but rest assured that I will have picked my favourite by the night before the Parade. At the latest.

You’ll be pleased to know that most of the costumes I’m considering are ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ (according to the Pinterest people). The one that I’m leaning toward requires a particular trim to complete it and some golden foil card  – but that’s okay because I’m sure that Spotlight in Box Hill and Officeworks in Kew East are both open late the night before the Parade.

And please, don’t tell me that I can “…just wear the Frozen/ Star Wars costume from the dress-ups”. I know that there are books about Frozen and Star Wars but I reckon the movie came first and quite frankly, I’m a Book-Week-Parade-purist.

And no to Harry Potter – Potter is soooo last year (literally, I wore Harry last year. Remember? We assembled the costume on the morning and I couldn’t find my Hedwig).

Anyway, however my costume turns out**, I can’t wait to celebrate books and reading with my classmates!

love your Year-1-reading-fanatic

*The details for parents and carers who are wondering how much time they have to *help* create the costume – Wednesday, 22nd August is the whole school dress up for Book Week. Students should come to school dressed as a character from a book. There will be a parade in the gym at 9am (all welcome).

**it will be brilliant.

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