A visit to the NGV

Thank you to Anastasia, Riley, Arya and Anja for their reports on the Year 5 excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria.

On the 29th of May, all the grade fives went to the NGV to check out Frontier Wars, which was a self-guided tour. In Frontier Wars, we looked at a lot of the traditional aboriginal artworks. We discussed the meaning of each piece of art.

After the self-guided tour in the NGV an expert took us on a tour around a timeline exhibit. The timeline went from when the Aboriginals peacefully lived in Australia for 50,000 years, until 1856 when the State Library opened, which was the first public and free library – the only condition was that you had to be eighteen or over and they had to see your hands to make sure they weren’t dirty.

We went outside for a play and then walked down the Sandridge Bridge. On the bridge there was information about every country who has migrants in Australia. There were arrival dates and migration dates scattered on glass panels over the bridge. We filled out a worksheet about all the different migration dates. There were giant silver statues that represented a timeline from when the indigenous Australians lived in Australia until the 21st century. Finally we walked back to the bus which brought us back to KPS.

By Anastasia and Riley 5CS

On Tuesday 29th May, the year 5s boarded two buses and travelled to the NGV (Nation Gallery of Victoria) in the city, to look at different pieces of art in Australian history.

We looked at loads of different types of art, ranging from decorated aboriginal shields to 18th century oil paintings. One of our favourite pieces of art was a giant canvas that had a robotic arm which sprayed minerals from the earth to make the word nganga, which means language.

“It was so cool to see the robotic arm spraying the paint right in front of us!” – Excited year 5

First we took ourselves on a self guided tour and looked at the Frontier Wars exhibition. There was a superabundance of artwork done by, and about Indigenous Australians. The art was really abstract and over half of the artworks were not done on canvas.

The guided tour was really moving, showing us through Australia’s timeline from 1770 – 1886 with a series of artworks.

Overall it was a really fun day for all of us (even the teachers!) and we hope that maybe we could go again sometime.

By Arya and Anja, 5JH

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