Performing Arts and the Primary Years Programme

There’s lots of ways to learn about music. This week, our Performing Arts teacher, Lee-Ann Butchart, tells us about the way Year 5 and 6 students are learning music.

Central Idea
Musicians work together to create music.

Lines of Inquiry
• Performing together creates more depth in music
• Use our body and instruments (individually or together) to create and change beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo
• The differences and similarities in musical elements

Key Concepts
Creating, Composing, Connection

What do we want the student’s to learn?
Specific expectations: Perform compositions using classroom instruments and other sound sources.

How best will students learn?
Sample activities:
Students use speaking voices and singing voices in their compositions.
Students use unusual techniques for playing instruments in their compositions.
Through individual choice or group consensus, students make choices of instruments for their compositions.

How will we know what students have learned?
Students can compose an original piece and perform their composition to an audience.
Students make an effective choice of sound sources or class instruments to perform their compositions.

(Information source – IBO Primary Years Programme Music Scope and Sequence, Switzerland 2004)

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