Let’s get coding!

Have they cracked the code? It’s just the start for Junior School students, who recently began to learn all about coding. Niall O’Brien tell us more –

This term as part of the Digital Technologies Curriculum, Years 1 & 2 students are undertaking a 9-lesson coding incursion from ScopeIT Education. Each lesson runs for 40 minutes every Wednesday from Week 3 to Week 11. During these sessions, two ScopeIT Education educators will teach the students the foundational skills involved in coding, including programming a character to undertake a specific set of steps.

During these sessions, students work in pairs taking turns. One student operates as the ‘driver’ and controls the computer mouse. The other student works as the ‘navigator’ and instructs the driver on what to do to complete the task.

If you would like to have a go with your child at home, head to https://code.org/ and try an ‘Hour of Code’ activity. There’s a great range, from Mine Craft to Moana themed programming. Each activity guides you through the coding with increasing difficulty.

Another coding programme that the students have some experience with is ‘Scratch’. This programme is more creative than the ‘Hour of Code’ and the students love choosing, designing and programming their characters and backdrop. Try it at https://scratch.mit.edu.

Have a go yourself and see what the kids are talking about!

What the students have to say about coding…

My favourite part of coding was making the funny eyes on the smiley face. (Ted)
I am looking forward to learning how to use Scratch more because it’s fun! (Lucy)
I would like to learn every little detail about Scratch. (Eve)
My highlight of coding was when we drew the eyes onto our smiley face and when we chose our sunglasses. (Ava)
I would like to learn how to move the sprites and use sprites because I could design better programs. (Nathan)
I would like to learn how to make a hard video game. (Harriet)
I learned how to de-bug because the coding teacher taught us. (Levin)
I am looking forward to learning how to use Scratch more. (Lucas)
I am looking forward to programming a robot. (Amalie)

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