The countdown to the Grand Prix!

The Year 6 team are gearing up for their Billy Cart Grand Prix (and hopefully saving some energy for the billy cart rides – the Junior School students have been saving their gold coins for lots of turns around the oval!).

Thank you to Anand, Abigail, Rachael and Tara for this week’s post –

It all started with an incursion and our previously mentioned excitement to build, design and will our way not only to race day, but moreover to being crowned the Billy Cart Grand Prix Champions!

Throughout the past term, Billy Carts has been taking off! Walk into Room 3 and take in a splendor of different colours and designs that started off as unrecognizable planks of wood and screws. Everyone has been working hard to an event so close, we can feel the pressure: The Billy Cart Grand Prix.

In the Year 6 Billy Cart program, students have been working hard to make stunning Billy Carts but the students haven’t just been working on that alone. Students have been creating websites to promote and show the progression of their group’s progress, other students have also made t-shirts to wear on the day of the race where some were on show on the Billy Cart Ride-Along days. The Billy Cart teams will be on full show this Thursday (the day of the race!).

Every group had two different types of mechanics, a head mechanic and a mechanic. The difference between them is that the head mechanic is the main builder and the mechanic supplies the head mechanic with tools and helps the building process. Everyone did their best following the instructions given to them and had overcome challenges that came their way. Every head mechanic and mechanic in each group did an amazing job building their Billy Cart.

All of the Aesthetics Directors have been working very hard on the design for their team’s Billy Cart. They were told to do a good copy before painting. Teams like The Shining Stars did a space and galaxy design and teams such The Speed of Light did a speed-based design. Everyone did their best to make a Billy Cart to represent their team.

Every minute, every second counts. It’s been a long journey full of fun, excitement and triumph. All of us have marked Thursday as an important day in our calendar at K.P.S. The big race is on Thursday the 3rd of May, 11:20am to 12:20pm. Watch this space!

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