The joy and magic of a long weekend

How is it that an extra day can feel like so much more? (And how is that the extra day plays havoc with the following week, leaving you doing your ‘Monday things’ on Tuesday, your ‘Tuesday things’ on Wednesday and so on….?!). Sophie Apperly and the Year 2 classes reflect on their long weekend break.

We all yearn for long weekends and enjoy every minute of them while they last. As a teacher, one of the best things about a long weekend is knowing that all of our students will enjoy some precious time with their families and return to school rejuvenated and full of stories of adventure and fun.

This Labour Day weekend was no exception and the writing recount sessions reflected many jam-packed long weekends full of joy and excitement. The students reflected on a diverse range of activities from camping trips, day trips to kite festivals, picnics in parks, the Moomba festival, beach holidays, Ed Sheeran concerts and so many other wonderful experiences in their writing recounts.

Take a look at a small sample of Labour Day weekend writing recounts from some of the Year 1 and Year 2 students.

Sophie Apperly

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