Year 4 Camp – how did you think about it?

When asked about school camp, kids will often talk about what they did, what they ate, and how late they managed to stay up. Year 4, who recently went on camp to Mount Evelyn, have reflected on their trip in a slightly different way, using  Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

Red Hat
I liked how we all did team work to pull the people up the giant swing – Tarkan
When I first got on the giant swing I was a bit scared – Tyler
I felt scared on the giant swing. I felt tired at the end of the day – Patrick

White Hat
I was in the Cockatoos – Lily
It was a K.P.S. Year 4 Camp. We needed to bring a sleeping bag and clothes – Cooper
No lollies, no iPad, no money, no technology – Nick

Yellow Hat
We did the high ropes, the giant swing and we had a disco – Leo
I went to the top of the giant swing – Angel
I liked the schnitzel and vegetables – Sam
Camp was really fun and we had lots of activities to do – Marco

Black Hat
In my cabin at night, all of my friends were talking so I couldn’t get to sleep – Oscar
I got mosquito bites -Tilly
I was worried I was going to be sick on the walk because it was a long time until we got into the camp site – Abbie

Green Hat
More activities and we should for more days – Akira
If I could improve the camp I would let everyone have two turns of the giant swing – Alex
We could have fly catchers since there were too many out there – Caity

Blue Hat
Next time I would like to spend more time in the pool – Xena
Next time, I would have more turns on the giant swing – Finn

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