How will we say ‘Happy Holidays!”?

Thank you to Ali Duffy and Shelley Ware for our final post of the year. However you choose to celebrate, we wish you a happy and safe holidays.

Did you know that families at Kew Primary speak over 20 different languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Persian, Korean, Hungarian and Thai, to name but a few! An amazing 41% of enrolments at Kew have a language background other than English.

We are certainly a diverse multicultural school, mirroring the greater Australian society. This year at Kew we have had about 30 new arrivals to our school, all with varying English language skills. They have been welcomed by staff and students alike and all have settled in well, making friends, getting to know Australian customs and gradually improving their English skills.

Throughout the year the students have worked hard on developing their English skills, in small groups in TASK and have made remarkable progress. We have seen children who started at Kew Primary school this year with no or little English grow into more competent speakers who now join in conversations with their classmates. It’s been a joy to see them happy and even laughing at our silly jokes in the TASK room.

We look forward to welcoming more students next year and will enjoy seeing this year’s group of children progress even more with their learning.

Here are a few photos of various activities happening over the school in the past week.

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