Blooming Talent in the Art Room

Thank you to Michaela Strelec for this week’s post on the art program –

The beautiful thing about art is how diverse and far-reaching its effects are.
During Term 4, students have worked with a variety of materials and tools.
In the first three to four weeks of the term, students were continually refining the essential building blocks of drawing. They learnt a variety of drawing techniques (hatching, cross-hatching, contour lines, stippling, blending and rendering), dependent on year level.

As their skills were growing, I encouraged their artistic curiosity through the experimental use of mixed media (watercolours, charcoal, oil pastels, markers, etc.).
At the moment, across the year levels, students are continuing to explore and evolve a multitude of artistic techniques.

Recently, I asked the students to fill out an ‘Art Reflection Form.’
“What have you enjoyed most about Art in Term 4?” opened up interesting responses.
These responses are testament to how art has impacted them. Furthermore, the accompanying artworks reflect their passion, dedication and blooming talent.

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