KidsFest Fun

Thank you to Ally Papoulis for this week’s blog entry –

In week four KPS participated in KidsFest. The Preps did an amazing job at organising and helping to run two very successful stalls. PCC and PAS ran a paper aeroplane throwing competition, and PBE and PAP ran a lucky dip stall.
The children worked hard making wrapping paper and paper planes leading up to the day, and incorporated their knowledge of money to ensure that they made happy purchases on the day.

Here’s what our Preps thought of KidFest …

I like when Chelsea got dunked into the water and she looked scared and cold. I like that my mum came and helped me pick a toy. I liked going in the bouncy house – Jenny PCC

I liked going on the jumping castle and buying stuff with my own money. I loved eating the donuts from one of the stands – Carlo PCC

I loved Kidsfest because I got to get some stuff and I liked looking at the toys that I was buying. I also liked that I got something that I always wanted, it was two dollars and you could trace it if you don’t know how to draw it. It’s called a stencil – Christian PAS

I liked Kidsfest because you could buy lots of things. I got an ice cream and some lollies. It was also my birthday that day – Bella PAS

I loved getting slime and watching Mr Penson getting dunked in the water – Olinda PBE

I loved buying a squishy toy and a penguin and walking around randomly looking at other shops – James PBE

I loved KidsFest because it was so fun. My favourite thing was jumping on the jumping castle! – Heidi PAP

I love KidsFest because I got a shield with 2 swards to play with! I really liked wrapping the presents for out PAP lucky dip! – Phoenix PAP

Thank you for all of your generous donations and support in organising this fantastic event!

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