The Library Top Ten

Thank you to Ruth Woolven for this week’s blog post –

Recently some classes have completed a library survey sharing what they have enjoyed in library this year. Many students stated they liked reading and borrowing books with Eva in 34K explaining further:

“That you are not forced to read a particular book.”

A big study by Scholastic in 2015 identified choice of book as a major factor for students when asked about reading for pleasure. We have a broad range of books in the school library and we purchase new books all through the year. Look at our Top Ten borrowing lists for 2017 (so far) below.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me this year for Minecraft books I would be comfortably rich! We have about 20 Minecraft books but they are rarely in the library. Other popular books are Star Wars, Lego and the Treehouse series. In fact the fiction list reveals eight out of ten most borrowed books are from our Humour section. Reading is a social activity and humorous stories encourage sharing a laugh with classmates.

What else did students like in the library this year?
They liked coding and makerspace activities especially the spheros.

What else would they like to have in the library?
Caitlin in 34N suggested a fireplace for winter reading! Sounds wonderful but not possible, while more cushions, another popular request, will be achievable.

Top 10 Fiction books borrowed:
A new hope (Star Wars)
The 78-storey treehouse
The 52-storey treehouse
The 39-storey treehouse
Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg Heffley’s journal
The bad guys. Episode three, The furball strikes back
Diary of a 6th grade ninja
The 65-storey treehouse
Dog man
Diary of a wimpy kid : dog days

Top 10 Non-Fiction books borrowed:
Minecraft : beginner’s handbook
Minecraft construction handbook
Star Wars : Rogue One : ultimate visual guide
I love that minifigure!
LEGO : awesome ideas
The fantastically funny knock knock joke book
The ultimate unofficial encyclopedia for Minecrafters : an A-Z book of tips and tricks the official guides don’t teach you
Mean machines
LEGO factastic : a LEGO adventure in the real world

Top 10 Picture Story Books borrowed:
Pig the elf
Where’s Wally? : the fantastic journey
Red : a crayon’s story : as told my me!
What do they do with all the poo from all
the animals at the zoo?
How big is too small?
Mr Chicken lands on London
Fed Up! : a feast of frazzled foods
The pencil
The Last Viking Returns

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