What a term it was!

It has been another big sporting term at Kew Primary School. I was so proud of all our sporting accomplishments but in particular the highlight was our House Cross Country. Also the gymnastics program across the school has been a success, especially using the new equipment in lessons. I also really enjoyed hearing from our students about their exciting experiences in sport. Below are just three of our main events this term, thank-you Feargus, Amelie and Joanne for sharing your thoughts.

Clare Pentreath

Year 6 Hooptime
by Feargus 6CA

As soon as the Grade 6’s heard that Hoop Time Basketball was coming up, it was all that everyone was talking about. Questions rushed through our minds. What team were we going to get in? Would we have our friends in our team? Would we get to division?

After many grading sessions, we were put into teams by Clare and Chris. Again, Hoop Time was the trending topic.

It was finally the day to go to MSAC and play our hearts out to represent Kew PS. We played against the other teams in the Kew District within our own pools: All Stars, Future Stars and Rookies.
We all played 5-7 matches (depending if you made it into finals). They were hard, adrenaline sucking matches. As soon as we heard the buzzer, we were off to another court for another match, against another team. We all played great matches, showed lots of sportsmanship, played so well as teams and represented Kew PS really well. Unfortunately, none of our teams made it through to the grand final, but the Kew Wizards came close, making it to the semifinals. I would like to thank Clare, Chris, Courtney and Mr Penson and all the parent helpers for helping us make this amazing day happen.

Kew District Athletics
By Amelie 5LE

On Friday the 1st of September, a group of children from Kew Primary went to Bill Stewart Stadium to compete in the District Athletics. Throughout the day students would compete in events, all fighting for a spot in the Division Athletics. Everyone showed great sportsmanship throughout the whole day. Eight schools competed at district level with Kew Primary placing 6th which is a great achievement.

Here are some of the highlights from the students –
• Kew Primary’s schools sportsmanship (Ben W 6SH)
• The whole day was fun and especially that you got to interact with people from other schools (Imogen and Phoebe 6CS)
• Working as a team to finish the race (Theodore 3/4S)
• It was fun but competitive at the same time (Jessie H 5LE)
• The leadership of the competitors (Freddy 5SM)

Year 4 HP TIME!
By Joanne 34J

On the 25th of August, the Year 4s went to HP TIME. Kew Primary competed against different schools in basketball. There were three different levels, Rookies, Future Stars and All Stars. All Year 4s enjoyed playing. In the end Kew Primary didn’t win but we still gave it a go but some people went into the finals. Year 4 would like to thank you Clare, for organising HP TIME for the year 4s. Also a big thank you to the year 6 physical action team for coaching us.

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