Roll up! Roll up!

Thank you to Maia from 3/4K for this week’s post –

When I first heard that Kew Primary School would be doing Little Devils Circus Skills, I was immediately excited and was chatting non-stop with my friend about how much fun it will be.

During our first lesson we met our teacher who was really nice and made the class extremely rewarding. I absolutely loved the first session and I really could not wait for the next lesson.

Two weeks later my class found out that we were doing the spinning plates which was not my best skill but I was still happy with the decision. We were split into three groups that were to perform different tricks. All the tricks were fantastic, I wished I could do them all!

At the actual concert everyone, including myself, was feeling so nervous. The excitement in the air was overwhelming and I could not wait for my class to go on stage. I saw the jackets that our class was wearing and they looked fabulous. Since 3/4K was at the start of the concert we had to get them on fast! In the wings people were telling children to be quiet. I saw the amazing colours and the amazing tricks students were doing.

When it was my turn, I walked on stage and did my best like everyone else. I’m sure they all enjoyed it as much as I did and had the time of their lives.

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