Yum, yum, yum.

As a seven year old I clearly remember the excitement of lining up on canteen days and waiting and waiting (it would feel like forever) to buy two pieces of delicious raisin toast for 5 cents! Even now that golden butter smell wafting off the toast still brings back happy memories…memories of when I was a little girl at primary school. Diamanto Pantazis

Here are some thoughts from the students about our canteen:

The food is delicious and cheap. Millie 34N

I love eating the icy poles and frozen pineapple. Renata 2DP

Food is yum. It’s fresh and well-priced. We have lovely volunteers. Dem and Sally work in the canteen. Imogen & Phoebe 6CS

I like to buy muffins. Mummy gives me money. Sienna PA

I like to buy pineapple pieces and I also like to buy warm food during winter. Ophelia 6CA

When the bell rings I run to the canteen to buy awesome food. Laura 34J


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