And they’re racing…

At Hays Paddock on the 25th May eight schools competed at the Kew District Cross Country. It was a calm, cool day with no rain, prefect conditions for running. This event was a great celebration of endurance running and sportsmanship. All competitors shook hands at the start of the race and wished their rival runners all the best for the run.
Parents from all schools were dotted around the course at checkpoints. This ensured that the runners were safe and cross country rules are enforced. The parents cheered all the competitors along, which I am sure helped spur on a few runners through some tough moments of their race. Well done to Kerry Lomas who was on the bike for all races, leading the runners around Hays Paddock.

I was once again a proud Kew Primary School teacher. Our students demonstrated the right amount of competitiveness and good sportsmanship when they competed. Finishing 2nd overall is a great achievement, all KPS competitors should feel proud of their efforts.
I wish the runners that finished in the top 10 all the best as they compete at the Boroondara Division Cross Country at Ruffey Park on the 8th June.

Overall results
1st – Glenferrie Primary School – 79 Points
2nd – Kew Primary School – 78 Points
3rd – Kew East Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary School – 66 points
4th – MLC
5th – Auburn Primary School
6th – Hawthorn West Primary School
7th – Erasmus

Lets hear from some of the KPS students that competed….

Lucy (34M)
The district cross country was fun and I enjoyed running the same track as the school cross country. It was great to meet people from other schools.
When I was running I didn’t think I was going to come first, as the girl in front of me was really fast.

Lara (5SM)
It was really exciting watching and cheering for your team at the district cross country. I was really proud of how I ran, but also disappointed I didn’t get a ribbon. Every Saturday I run in a thing called park run. This has helped me improve my cross country running, because last year I came 9th.

B Thomson (6SH)
The KPS team did so well, especially the younger kids despite being so nervous. I am really looking forward to competing in the division cross country, but I am not looking forward to the big hill at the start .

F Tan (6SH)
The house cross country was much easier than district cross country. The district race was much faster and there was more pressure It was a good experience.

Clare Pentreath
Kew Primary School PE & Sport Coordinator
District Sport Co-ordinator (KEW)



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