Listen up

I’m not much of a ‘recreational listener’, unless it’s eighties pop. Talk-back radio drives me crazy and I’ve never been one for having the television on for ‘background noise’. Give me Culture Club or silence. That was until I discovered podcasts. Continue reading

A is for Achievement

On Thursday 15th June Kew Primary School celebrated C.A.R.E. Day. We focused on A for Achievement.

We sat in the gym and listened to Don Elgin our guest speaker. He spoke about his achievements and even though he was born with one leg, a heart condition and fingers that were clutched and stuck, he never gave up. As a kid he loved playing footy and riding a motorcycle. Later he became a great athlete and went to many Paralympic Games. He showed his prosthetic leg. One of his greatest achievements was when he learnt to skip when others doubted he could ever do it. Continue reading

Yum, yum, yum.

As a seven year old I clearly remember the excitement of lining up on canteen days and waiting and waiting (it would feel like forever) to buy two pieces of delicious raisin toast for 5 cents! Even now that golden butter smell wafting off the toast still brings back happy memories…memories of when I was a little girl at primary school. Diamanto Pantazis Continue reading

And they’re racing…

At Hays Paddock on the 25th May eight schools competed at the Kew District Cross Country. It was a calm, cool day with no rain, prefect conditions for running. This event was a great celebration of endurance running and sportsmanship. All competitors shook hands at the start of the race and wished their rival runners all the best for the run.
Parents from all schools were dotted around the course at checkpoints. This ensured that the runners were safe and cross country rules are enforced. The parents cheered all the competitors along, which I am sure helped spur on a few runners through some tough moments of their race. Well done to Kerry Lomas who was on the bike for all races, leading the runners around Hays Paddock. Continue reading