Good things come in threes

Thank you to 3/4J for a look back on the highlights of term one and what’s ahead in term two –


Year 4 camp because I got to spend time with my friends.
Maths because it was challenging and at the same time it was
Writing because I have never done that much writing for the
first term and I was challenged – Sullivan

Yearbook because I like it because I work really hard.
Year 4 Camp because I learned how to be independent and eat
food myself with a knife and fork – Joanne

Swimming Carnival because I really enjoyed it a lot.
Yearbook because even though I haven’t done a lot I think I
have tried my best.
Book club because I am enjoying it – Olivia

Camp because it was awesome and I finally got the experience
the year fours did last year.
My reading, because of my glasses I’ve got better and now I
read better.
My yearbook because I rushed it last year and this year it
looks amazing! – Laura

Yearbook because I love doing the headings.
Camp because all the activities where FUN!
Swimming Carnival because I think I tried really, really hard! –

Swimming carnival maths because it was amazingly fun.
Going out for a run each morning because it is healthy. – Moritz

Year 4 camp, because I experienced a lot of new things that
I will probably never get to do again!
My second highlight is probably keeping fit every morning as
Shenacki goes out for a run – Riley

My running 🏃 training because I have to do it to get fit and
strong 💪
My last one is my home learning because I really like doing
it – Timmy

Seesaw because this year there is two classes using it not one.
Going for a run because then I’ll get a good score in cross
Swimming carnival maths because it is spectacular and fun – Lucas

Shenacki Races because it was creative and imaginative.
K.P.S. swimming carnival because it was a bit of competition
and I like competition – Ollie

I liked Shenacki races because we got to colour and design
I liked Year Book because we got to draw and write stuff.
I liked swimming carnival because we got Zooper Doopers at
the end – Lili

The things that 3/4J felt they improved in –

Yearbook because last year I wasn’t taking my time and this year I am.

Yearbook because even though I haven’t done a lot I think I
have tried my best.

I am working really hard and trying my best at everything.

Getting along with other people on my table.

Times tables because last year I wasn’t confident.

I improved in accepting others at year 4 camp.

I have improved in multiplication because of swimming carnival

This term I have improved my teamwork.

I have tried my best with Targeted Maths.

And the things that 3/4J are looking forward to this term –

Maths, because last term maths was really fun.

Cross country because last year it was fun!

Art because I’m good with crafts.

Seesaw because I’m excited to learn more on Seesaw.

Yearbook because I think I can concentrate when I’m doing my work.

Seeing my friends!

Art because it’s so fun and it’s good for me!

My yearbook because it’s so fun and awesome and I like
to write and draw!






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