It’s a standing ovation for performing arts!

Thank you to Lee-Ann Butchart for this week’s post –

Performing Arts/Music

The Performing Arts program is seeing a much sought after ‘Revival’ after several years of inactivity. It is fantastic to have such a large, well equipped Performing Arts/Music Room where the students learn about the different facets of Performing Arts such as singing, dancing, performing and creating. (Creative Music now have their own new learning space, aptly named “The Pod” where students learn to play a variety of different instruments).

Performing Arts Action Team

The Performing Arts Action Team is made up of ten Year 6 students who selected Performing Arts as their Leadership Action Team for 2017. They are a dedicated group of students who have been working towards their own idea of teaching students from Prep, One and Two how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” using keyboards and various percussion instruments.

They are better able to appreciate the time, patience and practice required to teach younger students a new task. They will demonstrate their teaching skills in Term Two once they have mastered playing in a mini band themselves.

What Have the Students Enjoyed Doing in Performing Arts so Far this Year?

The Performing Arts Action Team asked the students currently attending Performing Arts what they have enjoyed about Performing Arts so far. Their findings are as follows:

Preps, Ones & Twos
• My favourite part is when we get to dance because I like dancing
• I like dancing and singing some new things
• I love it when we get to dance and hear new songs
• I like everything especially playing instruments

Years Three, Four, Five & Six
• Singing some new and olden day songs and learning about the history behind the songs
• Listening to a variety of different music styles
• Performing in “The Three Little Pigs” (Year 3 & 4)
• Learning dances from different countries and finding out about their origins
• Being able to express feelings freely without worrying about what others think
• Being creative and taking on different personalities when acting and performing
• Learning how to play a variety of percussion instruments and finding out about them




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