A new year (for parents as well as students)

helloIt was strange walking through the gates on the first day of school this year. For the first time in all the years my kids have been at Kew Primary, it seemed there were more new faces than familiar ones. And babies – lots of babies in prams and toddlers tearing around the playground, no doubt wondering when it’s their turn to go to school.

It’s a natural changing-of-the-guard. At one point, I had kids in the junior, middle and senior school – over their four classes and eight years (my first child started at KPS in 2008), I got to meet lots of families – chatting at pick-up time, helping with classroom activities and at school social events.

But now I have half a foot out the door – two kids in high school, one in Year 6 and one in Year 4. Having half a foot out isn’t a bad thing, although I do have little sentimental bouts (particularly when I see the prams parked under the trees at pick-up time).

Feeling sentimental is offset by the fact that it’s vital that school communities change – fresh perspective and new energy to committees such as the School Council and PTA is critical, as well as the parent volunteer effort that goes in to the canteen, excursions and incursions, classroom reading, swimming, class representatives, book club, uniform shop, school banking, working bees, mothers’ and fathers’ day stalls, Peppercorn barbeque, chess club, sporting activities, looking after the chooks and more…

Usually the first blog post of the year is about how to get Preps settled in. You can read previous posts here, here and here. This year, it’s about parents settling in and I encourage you to get involved in as many school events as you can – it will make for a richer primary school experience.







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