How much fun can be had in three days? Lots!

Although the weather wasn’t as kind as it has been for previous camps, it didn’t stop our Year 5s from enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities at Camp Manyung in Mount Eliza. Some of the students share their experience –

Grade 5 Camp 2016

On the 23rd of November, 2016, the Grade 5 children, teachers and some parents went to Camp Manyung in Mount Eliza.

On Day 1, we arrived at school very excited and boarded the buses. When we arrived at Camp Manyung, we ate our snack and had a tour of the campsite. We then got settled into our cabins and unpacked.

After lunch, we had two activity sessions. Some of the activities we were involved in were the giant swing, archery, the flying fox, snorkelling, the crate climb, surfing, raft building and the tree top challenge. We then got some time to play outside.

In the evening we had dinner and played a Cluedo-style murder mystery around the camp. We watched a movie before calling it a night.

We had our first full day on Day 2. We completed four activities in our groups and enjoyed Mr Penson’s trivia night. Congratulations to the winning cabins, 2A and 2B.

On Day 3, after breakfast we completed the Race Around Camp Manyung, requiring us to work as a team to solve clues and complete activities. After lunch, we headed back to school on the buses.

Camp Manyung was a phenomenal experience. Thanks to the YMCA staff, teachers and parents for making it possible!

By the Grade 5 children

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