Our Time at Kew

year-6-1Thank you to Year 6 students, Taiyo, Eddie and Max for their thoughts on their final year at Kew Primary and some of the things that have changed at the school since they started Prep.

As the end of the year draws closer, there have been many fun times that we have experienced at Kew. Such as a Canberra camp, the Eureka Tower and much, much more. More importantly, that best part of year 6 is definitely the jumpers; because it is student-designed and it’s also very competitive due to many issues such as popularity and ones that are actually well-drawn! The jumpers are a really useful in the winter and to identify us as Year 6. Continue reading

Changing the look of play time

It may look like scraps to you, but there’s a new program at KPS that is turning all sorts of things into ‘positive play’. Melissa Hayes, who has driven this project from its inception in 2013, tells us more –

positive-play-7Students and staff have totally embraced the ‘Positive Play’ program introduced last term. Several years ago our school became aware of the need for a program to cater for students who were not interested in sporting activities, to have alternative options during recess and lunch. The ‘Play for Life’ program idea was born and after research and planning we now have an array of recycled loose parts known as ‘Pod Scrap’. The Pod is placed in the schoolyard to provide open-ended, self-directed play during the playtime breaks. Continue reading