Mad About Science comes to our senses

Things got noisy and tasty (what?!) at a recent Prep incursion. Sophie Apperly tells us more –

prep-1The Preps explored the five senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste when Matt from Mad About Science visited Kew Primary for a Biological Science incursion. The Junior School Hall was abuzz with activity and excitement as the Preps completed a number of experiments and tests using their ears, eyes, hands, nose and tongue.

The Preps saw rainbows, magnifications, visual distortions and the multiplying effects of lenses. They heard different sounds and voice distortions. The Preps made sound waves and watched in awe as objects were moved using the power of sound. They felt different materials and detected subtle differences in textures like true experts. The Preps sniffed at a range of smells prompting much discussion and debate. Some smells got extra nostril time, while others were avoided with disgust.

Over the course of the day we identified a number of “Super Tasters” amongst the Preps based on a PTC Taste Test Activity. This made us curious…did these “Super Tasters” eat their greens at dinnertime?

prep-2What did the Preps like about ‘Come to my senses’? What did they learn? What was the best?

Charlotte – The sense of sight was the best because I found out about lenses.
Olivia – I liked the thing where you have to get the forks and bang the fork against the table and you touch the ping pong ball.
Nellie – Yesterday we did science. I felt sand paper. I saw hundreds of Williams. I heard the robot voice changer.
Harper – I liked when I tasted the paper. I liked the bitter taste. The things were interesting. It was awesome.
Gavin – The sense of hearing was the best sense because I could bang the table and I touched the ping pong ball and when I touched the ping pong ball it bounced off the tuning fork.
Amelia – I liked the lenses. One showed 100 of everything.
Emma – I learnt if you get metal and tap it on a table and put a ball next to it, it would bounce. I enjoyed it.

prep-3Rayna – I learnt that the light is white and made of 7 colours which is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
Emily – The sense of touch was the best because I liked touching the sandpaper. I also liked doing touch because we had to put them in order from smooth to rough.
Aryan – My favourite sense was taste. It was a taste test. We got to taste paper.
Henry – I liked the rainbow. I enjoyed the lens.
Adrian – I saw 1000 Shitokus. It was funny and there were lots of things on the table. Science Works is fun. It was cool!


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