Makerspace activities in the Library

makerspace-3When my kids were at kindergarten, the most popular corner of the kinder room was the ‘tinkering’ corner. Anyone who had something that could be taken apart (bits of computers, old VCR players etc) would donate it to the kinder, where the kids would spend hours managing screwdrivers, pliers and nuts and bolts (just look at the tiny screws in something like your computer keyboard to know what removing them does for the fine motor skills of a four-year-old!).

For all sorts of reasons, when kids get to school, time for unstructured play and ‘tinkering’ is often reduced. Happily, KPS provides opportunities for kids who like to learn in this way – the Makerspace program and Play for Life are two examples. This week, Ruth Woolven tells us about Makerspace –

For your child, tinkering and making is a powerful and fun form of learning by doing. It provides an opportunity to explore and express creativity.

This year we have introduced some exciting new resources into the library this year by building up a Makerspace trolley.

Makerspace activities encourage a growth mindset for your child, as these provide students with the opportunity to test ideas, make mistakes, re-think and collaborate.

The Makerspace resources in our library include Knex and Makedo toolkits for construction using everyday materials and technology such as Ozobots and Spheros that teach coding in a practical and fun way.

ozobots-spherosIn Term 3, as part of a library lesson to ‘Celebrate a Story’, Years 1 & 2 created party lights using conducive dough for squishy circuits and music with bananas and a makey makey.

Some of the students wanted to further explore squishy circuits at home, so here is the recipe for the dough and the few materials required (which can be purchased cheaply at Jaycar).

makerspace-1Of course there are also many books available in the library to encourage tinkering, experimenting, coding and creativity.

I’ll look forward to seeing more wonderful creations this term in the Makerspace area!

Ruth Woolven


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