100 Days of Prep – That’s 100 Days of Wonderful

One minute you’re packing the bag for their first day of school and the next they’ve clocked up one hundred days!  Prep teacher, Sophie Apperly, shares the 100 Days of Prep celebration.

100 days 5On the 28th July, the Preps celebrated 100 days of school with a number of fun craft and maths activities – focusing on the number 100, of course!

The Preps all had much to be proud of and much to celebrate on this very special day. It was wonderful to recognise their first 100 days of friendship, fun, adventure, learning and achievement.

100 days 3What do the Preps like about being a Prep? Here’s what a few 100 day old Preps had to say…

Harper: “I like being a Prep because I am growing up!”
Olive: “I like Prep because we have the Magic 100 words.”
Ted: “I like being a Prep because I like all the letter brainstorms and only Preps get to do the 100 days of Prep!”
Amelia: “I like Prep because I get to do reading groups.”
Emma: “I like Prep because I have learnt to read and write and I am getting better at describing things.”

100 days 1If a Prep tosses a coin 100 times, what are the chances of it landing as a heads or landing as a tails?
A few of our six-year-old mathematicians determined that the chances were 50/50 or there was a 50% chance of heads or a 50% chance of tails. The classrooms were buzzing with some energetic coin tossing and recording of heads and tails.

What is 100 made of?
Some of the Preps hunted for objects in a giant 100 and found out what made up a 100 in elephants, strawberries, frogs, cupcakes and cats.

What will the Preps do next?
We are all very proud of the Preps achievements in their first 100 days of school. We look forward to seeing what they will do next and what they will achieve in the future!

100 days 4100 days 2

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