Never Eat Soggy Weetbix

Thank you to Katie Braemar for this week’s post –

nesw-4Never Eat Soggy Weetbix. Naughty Elephants squirt water.There are many ways to remember the order of directions North South East West which the Middle School had fun sharing as part of an orienteering incursion last Tuesday.

nesw-2They have been learning about mapping and location during maths and Geography activities so it was a great way to practise some skills. A directions game ensured everyone was warmed up and understood where north was located from the center of the basketball court.

Students were then shown how to use a compass correctly and divided into teams to solve cryptic clues and locate cards around the school yard. Although it was a chilly morning, bodies were soon warmed up as they ran from clue to clue.

Some smart detective work, expert compass use and 17 clues later, the group came together to swap answers and tally scores. The incursion leaders were very impressed with the results!


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