It’s on again! KidsFest 2016

The countdown is on to our second annual KPS KidsFest! This week, Mr Penson provides all the answers to your burning KidsFest questions so that you’ll be well and truly ready to maximise your fun on the big day!

kids-fest-2WHAT IS KIDSFEST?

KidsFest is a special mini fair fundraising event with a focus on our kids! Essentially it is a fun afternoon that is run by our students and for our students. All monies raised will be directed towards projects and equipment that the students decide on. So if you have any ideas please let me know.


It all kicks off at 1pm on Friday 29th July. Classes will begin setting up after 12pm. The last sales will be at 3pm so that we can pack up ready for the end of the day at 3.30pm.


With the assistance of staff, class reps, parents and the students themselves, each class runs a stall, usually in combination with another class. Our older students also have the opportunity to run additional stalls in small groups. This provides some really powerful and authentic learning, particularly in maths, economics and finances, not to mention collaboration, negotiation and teamwork! In fact I have heard that our Senior school students are busy completing business plans for their stalls.


All the stalls and activities are located around the school yard. Most of the action centres in and around the basketball court and asphalt areas between the Junior School Hall and Main building. There will also be lots of activities on the oval and in the positive play space.


There will be competitions, things to see and do, food to enjoy and of course lots of things to buy. This includes different novelty items ranging in price from 20c to $6 (A full list of novelties will be sent home in a special flyer next week). There will also be showbags for sale, but get in quick as numbers are limited!

For those seeking some more action packed experiences there will be a jumping castle, sumo suits and even a “paintball” style game using water balloons.

Of course, no KidsFest would be complete without food which includes popcorn, hotdogs and more!


If you have some odd jobs around the house such as folding the washing, tidying rooms, dusting etc. it might be an idea to encourage your child/ren to help out and earn some pocket-money for them to bring on the day – I say make the most of this opportunity!
We also welcome parents, grandparents and family friends to come along and join in the fun.


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