When the BIG RED TRUCK came to Kew

I arrived at school pick-up last week to the sound of delighted shrieks, jets of water and flashing lights. Exactly what was going on?! Sophie Apperly and the Prep team tells us –

prep-4When the BIG RED TRUCK (otherwise known as a Fire Engine) visited the Preps at Kew Primary School, there was wide-eyed excitement and happiness from ALL…not just the students!

The Melbourne Fire Brigade visits the Preps each year over a two-week period to deliver their Fire Education Program. The Program delivered by fire fighters helps the children develop a basic understanding of fire safety and also helps them to see firefighters as community helpers.

prep-8The ‘Fire Ed for Preps’ education program is one of the highlights for the Preps. Here are a few of the Preps’ written reflections on what they saw or what they liked when the BIG RED TRUCK came to visit.

The Preps enjoyed the Program and learnt:

• Firefighters are our friends
• Fires can be good (safe) and bad (unsafe)
• Good (safe) fires always have an adult in charge
• Smoke alarms alert us to the presence of smoke and fire
• ‘Crawl down low and go, go, go’ when evacuating a smoke-filled room
• ‘Stop, drop, cover and roll’ if your clothes are on fire
• Every family needs to identify a safe meeting place
• The number to phone for emergency help is 000

prep-7When the BIG RED TRUCK visited:

• The Preps enjoyed the thrill of climbing high up into the fire engine to see inside, and
• The Preps held a real firefighting hose squirting water high and far



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